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Trademark works like an informer or identity maker for organizations or individuals to the whole public. Trademark is just a name, symbol, word, phrase, sign or any picture which represents the organization it's meant for. It's used to popularize one's business or products and services among large chunk of consumers in a keen competitive market and helps to stand out from the crowd. There are many people who know about various companies through its trademark or logos first before knowing completely about the business. The following symbols are used to designate trademark registration:

  • TM (For unregistered trademark which is used to promote goods)
  • SM (Un registered service mark which is used to promote services)
  • (R) (For registered trademark)

Trademark is just a name or a symbol which protects and promotes goods and services for the actual trademark owner. Once a trademark is registered under the Trademark Registration Act, no other part is legally liable to use the same logo or trademark sign without the consent of the real owner.

What Is A Trademark Name?

A trademark name is a business name which is registered under the trademark registration act for commercial and purely business purposes. Trademark name is the brand name of a business organization which helps to promote its goods and services and finally bring potential consumers. For a hugely successful business enterprise, the brand name holds lots of importance when it comes to create new business options and consumers across sectors. Trademark services include wide range of services like trademark filing, trademark application, trademark search and trademark infringement as per clients demand and requirements. These days, there are various legal firms and trademark and patent firms are offering trademark registration services at affordable prices. Therefore, one shouldn't forget to take the helping hand of a reputed trademark attorney or lawyer while thinking about trademark registration.