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Patent Opposition

The Patent Opposition is the act or process of making objections to any invention or patent belonging to other people or companies. This can be considered to be a part of the patent prosecution. This patent opposition can be a pre-grant patent opposition or a post-grant patent opposition, generally and particularly in the same field of business. Both these types of patent opposition are essentially concerned with slight or serious infringements upon the patented inventions of others, within the common jurisdictions. The pre-grant patent opposition is generally takes place after the publication of any patent application for registration, by the competent patent office. Whereas the post-grant patent opposition is raised after the grant of a patent to an inventor or patent holder. Our patent opposition services are readily and cheaply available for both of these types of patent opposition in countries India and abroad, including international patent offices, which are mentioned below. Here, it must be noted that patent opposition essentially requires well-informed support of an experienced patent attorney.

Patent Opposition Services Worldwide

Our ambitiously incepted law firm based in India, is one of the leading service providers to various economic sectors in all across India and abroad. Our elegant and ingenious services for patent prosecution and patent opposition are an inherent part of our well-rounded legal services to these sectors. Our punctual and rigorous services for best patent opposition in india, are famous and popular immensely in all across the country. At international level, our discerning and innovative legal organization has been offering patent opposition services at patent authorities under the TRIPS Agreement of the World Trade organization (WTO), Patent Cooperation Treaty of WIPO, the European Patent Convention, and Berne and Paris Convention. The patent opposition in australia too, is well-facilitated by us. Our impeccable patent opposition services are for all inventions and patents in various fields of the commercial, industrial, professional, and institutional sectors, in domestic and international forums.