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Patent Filing

There are different types of patent application such as convention application or simple patent application, PCT application, divisional application, and Patent of addition. Although each and every patent application must be drafted in the same manner as required by patent law, the time period to file different patent applications is different. For e.g. a PCT application has to be filed within 30 months from the priority date. A simple convention application is supposed to be filed within twelve months from the date of filing of the priority application. However there is no time limit to file a convention application and an application pertaining to patent of addition, although a patent of addition has to be filed before the grant of patent. All patent applications must be submitted along with requisite forms and must be signed and filed in a manner as prescribed by the different Patent offices around the world.

Patent Filing Process

As stated aforesaid all respective patent applications must be filed before the due date and in a manner as prescribed by the rules and regulations governing patent law in various countries. A particular patent application must contain title of the invention, description of the invention, description of figures, figures, claims and abstract. In addition to this all the forms to be submitted along with the patent application must contain full and complete details pertaining to the patent in question. It is to be noted that if the respective patent application is not filed in a manner as prescribed by the patent office than the same is liable to be rejected by the Examiner/Controller of patents. Thus it is recommended to take the help of proper patent attorney associated with this site before proceeding to file different patent applications.