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Company Services

The full gamut of perfect services regarding the Company Law and the Commercial and Corporate Law, are among ours significant legal services that cover all major and influential areas of the law. These company services are provided by our internationally admired and refined company law attorneys and corporate lawyers in India and countries all around the world. Our reliable company law services in these countries are for all prominent categories of companies in diverse economic sectors, to be established by domestic people, companies, and investors, or by these belonging to any foreign countries. Outstanding and most popular and preferred among all these categories of business entities are the Private and Public Limited Companies. In ours this article, offered is all-round and fertile information about both these types of limited company registrations, anywhere in India, and in any desired or targeted business or profession fields, by Indian or Foreign people, companies, institutions, or investors.

Public and Private Limited Company Registration

In India, formation of both these types of business entities is guided and supervised by the Companies Act, 1956. Registration of both these categories of corporations is regulated and controlled by the ROC of the concerned State, under the jurisdiction of which the main or major office of the company is to be located. In case of the Private Limited Company, there are lighter requirements and lesser number of disclosures and compliances to be fulfilled, as compared with the Public Limited Company, but it cannot offer its shares to the public or undertake deposits from them, like the public limited company do. For a private limited company registration, the least number of members or shareholders is two (the maximum number allowed being 50), and the minimum amount of paid-up capital at the time of incorporation is kept at INR 100,000/-. On the other hand, for a public company registration, there is no limit to its maximum number of shareholders (the minimum number being seven) and the minimum paid-up capital requirement is INR 500,000/-. Our company law attorneys help entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors during the entire company registration procedure, and at all stages after company registration.