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Patent Services

Superb patent services are the magnificent part of ours legal services for the intellectual property law, in India and abroad. Because, patent is the invaluable and unique intellectual property of any business entity, which serves as the basis its production, efficiency, excellence, and overall profitability. Therefore, patents ought to be created, presented, made secured, and protected well-rounded, with dedicated and flawless support of a well-experienced and innovative patent attorney. Ours one of the globally acclaimed and reputed law firms of India, has been offering such patent attorneys services to new inventions and patents in most of the economic fields in countries worldwide. Our patent services in india are illustrated separately in the section below, which also hold good for all other countries in the world. In addition to patent registrations with domestic jurisdictions in individual countries, well-supported by our discerning patent attorneys are international and regional patent registrations under the PCT, TRIPS Agreement, the EPC, and the Berne or Paris Convention.

Patent Attorneys Services in India

Comprehensive is the range of ours patent services in all across India, for the best possible creation and presentation, recognition and security, and protection from infringements. Again, patents in all fields of the commerce and profession sectors are well-served by ours patent attorneys services india. The gamut of our patent services encompasses the right and sound creation of new inventions in diverse fields, domestic and global patent searches, perfect drafting of patent applications as per the latest rules of the registration authority, rigorous patent prosecution, patent opposition, patent watch and monitoring, patent dispute resolution, and patent infringement litigations. These patent services in india are offered in every part of the country with the help of respective zonal patent offices located there. Besides domestic patent registration and protection, we also support Indian people and entities in obtaining patent registrations with the above-mentioned international patent conventions and authorities.