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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is the recommended process for acquiring copyright, along with the governmental and legal recognition to the matters copyright. The copyright registration grants the creator or inventor certain legitimate rights regarding the personal and commercial uses of the copyright matters, and to sue against any person or entity that tries to make slight or serious infringement upon the copyright things. Thus, copyright registration is inevitable and most wise responsibility of the creators in all different fields of commerce, industry, and profession. Hence, every country has a specific copyright law for such purposes. Apart from these domestic and national copyright laws, some international organizations also provide facilities for international copyright registrations, to facilitate people and entities in conducting international or worldwide businesses in their respective fields. The most prominent international copyright conventions and treaties are the TRIPS Agreement of the World Trade organization (WTO), Berne and Paris Convention, Universal Copyright Convention (UCC), and Rome Convention. Our internationally renowned law firm provides punctilious and perfect services for copyright registration in both the domestic and international jurisdictions worldwide.

Copyright Registration Services in India

All copyright registrations in India are regulated and controlled by the Copyright Act, 1957, of the Central Government of India. For strict compliance with this Indian copyright act, there are zonal copyright offices in every region of the country, in accordance with the section 9 of this Act. Therefore, any copyright registration under this copyright act, recognizes the unique creation of the creator or inventor, and protects the same as an exclusive property of the creator, in every part of India. As this Copyright Act of India is in close agreement and conformity with most of the globally accredited copyright regulations and authorities, any copyright registration india, paves the way for subsequent copyright registrations under one or more of these international bodies and regulations. These all copyright registrations are supported by our internationally reputed law firm, on behalf of our clients belonging to various economic sectors in India and abroad. In addition to copyright registration for all categories of new inventions, creations, and works (literary, cinematographic, musical, artistic, photographic, sculptural, etc.), our legal services are also available for patent trademark registrations in India and foreign countries.