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Patent Specification Drafting

The Patent Specification Drafting is the most delicate and scrupulous part of drafting the patent application. Generally, the patent application comprises of the patent specification, some official documents and enclosures, and all important official correspondence concerned with the invention or patent application. Therefore, patent specification drafting is of pivotal and paramount importance in connection with making a patent application for proper and perfect registration, with the concerned national or international jurisdiction. This drafting of the patent specification desperately needs the comprehensive help and guidance of a well-experienced, well-informed, and expert patent attorney, in order to be drafted properly and impeccably. This need is made more aggravated as the requisites and recommendations for patent specification vary more or less depending upon the patent offices in the national and international jurisdictions. Our hugely and richly experienced patent attorneys provide decent and responsible services for patent specification drafting for filing patent applications with domestic and international patent offices, in all around the world. More information about patent specification is given below in details.

Patent Specification Drafting India

All scientific, technical, commercial, professional, and industrial fields are sweepingly covered by our services regarding patent specification in all across India. Our globally reputed law firm is extensively prominent nationwide for superb patent specification drafting india, and economical patent trademark registrations. Besides, patent registrations with Indian patent offices, our services for people and entities belonging to any part of India, reach out to diverse international patent authorities and regulations like TRIPS Agreement of the WTO, PCT of the WIPO, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention (EPC). Our patent specification drafting in India is distinguished for being highly and perfectly illustrative, convincing, and irresistibly impressive, because of being handled and presented in the best possible way. Moreover, claims are made more predominant by our well-informed patent attorneys who possess varied knowledge in the scientific and technical matters. And, every process, machinery, operation, composition, etc, closely associated with the invention, is described exactly and lucidly. In general, the patent specification drafting contains the following section in the order given below:

  • The Title of the new Invention
  • Cross References
  • The Background of the invention
  • Concise Summary of the invention
  • Illustrations about drawings
  • A comprehensive Description of the invention
  • Claims
  • Abstract
  • And, Sequence Listing