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Brand Registration

The brand registration or the brand name registration, is the first significant step towards recognizing and securing one's unique trademark. A trademark or brand name can only be used for diverse commercial purposes, when it is already registered with governmental trademark authority. For international or worldwide trade and business, the trademarks must be registered under the international trademark conventions and treaties necessary and applicable. Our full-service law firm with worldwide prominence provides expeditious and rigorous brand registration services in countries all around the world, and also for brand registration under the international trademark regulations of the European Community Trademark (CTM), Berne and Paris Convention, TRIPS Agreement of WTO, and Madrid Protocol of the WIPO. Our impeccable brand name registration services in India, are described in the section below.

Brand Name Registration Services in India

Our well-equipped and extensively experienced law firm is hugely prominent for patent trademark registrations in all parts of the country. All types of new creations and inventions in various fields coming under the broad sectors of the commercial, professional, industrial, and institutional, are comprehensively served and made secured by our internationally reputed and mellow intellectual property attorneys, discerning patent attorneys, and expert trademark lawyers. Applications for brand registration pertaining to any or more of these fields, are filed with zonal trademark offices in every part of the country, depending upon the business requirements. These all brand registrations in these trademark offices in India, are made under the stricture of the new Trade Marks Act, 1999, and the Trade Marks Rules, 2002. Any such brand registration provides protection to the brand or trademark in all over the country. Here, it may be remembered that, any brand registration in India, is considered standard and suitable for registration of the same trademark with most of the globally recognized trademark authorities, which are essential for doing business internationally or worldwide.