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FCRA Registration

The Foreign Contribution and Regulation Act (FCRA) regulates and controls the acquisition and utilization of all contributions and grants offered by agencies or organizations established in any foreign country. All registered societies, trusts, associations, organizations, social-development organizations, and non-governmental organizations, therefore, essentially require fcra registration with the domestic government, to receive and utilize foreign contributions and grants for the specified developmental and noble objectives in the targeted locations in the domestic country. This fcra seeks to ensure that all received foreign funds are being utilized properly and strictly for the purposes disclosed to the domestic government, and there is no misappropriation of these funds for any antinational or nefarious activities or objectives. After fcra registration, the FCRA Department of the native country provides a permanent FCRA Registration Number to the applicant, for making uses in all official correspondence with it, and punctual filing of returns and mandatory forms. This fcra registration is for any of the two broad categories of requirements, which are dealt with separately under the section given below. Our globally famous and reputed law firm provides prompt and perfect services for fcra registration (including fcra registration online) in countries all around the world, inevitably including India.

FCRA Registration Services

In this section, described are our fcra registration services that essentially include fcra registration online services, provided for great benefits of societies, trusts, associations, NGOs, and social development organizations which are active in different regions in India. At present, fcra registration in India is performed under the FCRA, 1976. The fcra registration online is also facilitated by section-6 of this supreme Act regarding foreign grants and contributions. For receiving one time foreign contribution from any foreign source, the Prior Permission of the Government of India (FCRA Section of the Home Affairs) is to be obtained through filing Form FC-1A. And, in order to acquire foreign funds and grants regularly from many different foreign donors and sources, the applicant is to get fcra registration through filing the Form FC-8. Along with fcra application form, the detailed information about the matters concerned is to be enclosed. Apart from this fcra registration services, ours internationally acclaimed law firm also offers services for patent trademark registration in diverse fields of commerce and industry.