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Trademark Renewal India

Trademark Law has undergone several revisions and modifications with the passage of time. Earlier, trademark was registered for a period of seven years but now the period has been extended to ten years. After the date of filing, to renew a trademark in India, the period is extended. As soon as this period gets over, again an application can be filed for trademark renewal India and period can be extended to ten years. The process is repeated again and again for renewal. For filing a fresh application, a notice is issued by the Registrar Trademark. Many times, people are not sure regarding how to renew a trademark in India. They can contact some professionals to offer them sound advice regarding this matter.

How to Renew a Trademark in India

Following are the steps that are carried out for trademark renewal:
When asking question as to how to renew a trademark, one needs to understand that there are basically two ways to do it-Firstly, by filing an application for renewal and secondly by paying fee for renewal. In case any changes need to be made in register entries related to the trademark, the applicant need to apply in writing for renewal. In case, no changes are required in the register entries then simply fees for renewal needs to be paid. Also, there will be no need of filing an application.

The payment receipt needs to entail information like the sum paid, the trademark registration number of the application and the name and address of the payer.

Trademark renewal is carried out under subs 46(2) of the Trade-marks Act. The renewal fees can also be paid within 6 months of expiry date and this can be done by paying stipulated late fee and in the way prescribed by Trademark Register. In case the fee is not paid on time and the trademark has been removed from Trademark register, the registrar may decide to restore the application for next 10 years from the date of expiry provided before the expiration of one year. This is done in compliance to conditions or limitations prescribed in the act.

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