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Trademark Symbol

Trademark symbol is designated by the icon™. The owner of a particular mark or logo can use this symbol only after filing a particular trademark application. If this symbol is used at the time of filing the application the examiner shall object the same. Trademark symbol is mainly inserted to indicate that the captioned mark has been applied for trademark registration and the same is in process. When the application gets registered the symbol gets replaced with the icon ®. The icon ® stands for registered. Thus, an applicant can use ™ at the time of filing of the application and as soon as the same gets registered he can replace it with the symbol ™. It is to be noted that it is not at all mandatory to register a trademark but in order to protect the goodwill and business, it becomes absolutely necessary to apply for the registration of the same so that all the rights pertaining to trademark can be exercised effectively.

How to Make The Trademark Symbol

There are many ways to make a trademark symbol. But the most simple and convenient way is to insert it through the options provided in the Microsoft word of different computers. In each and every Microsoft word there is an option called insert. In that insert there is a provision for symbols. The symbol contains various icons that can be utilized for different purposes. Thus the symbol also contains ™ and ® icons which can be inserted by the side of different trademarks.