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Patent Office

Patent are the creative stuffs or we can say an innovative business ideas to be used to serve the corporate mass. It is confined that every patent should be unique and distinct from each other. Thus, this compels the entire concern patentee first to go through all the standards of past registered patents and other rules and guideline before applying with patent office for registration. Patent office is a place where you will find past registry of patents while support in your patent search; also handling the application for patent registration and other patent services. Different countries hold the different criteria for operating patent office where in India, the patent act 1970 and patent rule 1972 have established numbers of prescribed rules and regulations for operating the list of patent office in India. Here at below we bring you with the detail information about the roles and responsibilities of patent offices in India.

Roles of Patent Offices in India

For easy and unified protection to inventions in all diverse economic sectors, India has the Federal patent registration system. The regional patent offices in all across the country provide patent registration as per the Patents Act, 1970 and the Patents Rules, 1972, of the Central Government of India. The head patent office in india is located in Kolkata, while the branch offices are situated in the cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, for nationwide coverage. Every governmentally accredited patent office india, provides services for registration, regulation, and protection of all new and existing inventions in the regional States and Union Territories. The Indian Patents Act of 1970 has been amended regularly from time to time to facilitate better and securer domestic and international businesses, as per the recommendations of the above-mentioned international bodies. In compliance to the TRIPS Agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Govt. of India has set the term of patent protection for patents in almost all fields to twenty years from the date of filing patent application, since year 2005.