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Trademark Renewal

Trademark is the identity of an organization and people know about a business enterprise or an individual through its trademark. Trademark renewal happens in every ten years by the real trademark owner for next ten years. Trademark renewal services are widely popular when it comes to renewing trademark for another ten years as per the trademark rules and regulations. Trademark renewal is a process and one should follow these processes as per the trademark registration act prior to six months of its expiry. Trademark renewal fee is the amount charged by the trademark registry for renewing a particular trademark or logo for another ten years. These days, trademark renewal fees are carrying depending upon the condition and different cases. If it's done before six months then, renewal fee will be 5000 rupees and if after six months then it will be 8000 rupees and if after one year then, it will be 10000 rupees for renewal.

What is Trademark Renewal Service?

Trademark renewal services include renewing the already registered trademark for another ten years as per the trademark rules and regulations just prior to its expiry. A trademark is a property which needs to be maintained and managed by the trademark attorneys and trademark lawyers and one should renew it before it expires. Trademark is the face of an organization or an entrepreneur by which many people come to know about its goods and services and then they create a successful relationship by associating with these companies. There are numbers of trademark and legal firms have been offering trademark renewal services with the help of some well qualified trademark attorneys and lawyers in India as well as abroad. Out of these firms, Global Jurix is a front runner when it comes to provide trademark renewal services at affordable prices.