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Patent Prosecution

Let's start this article with clarification regarding what is patent prosecution, giving the proper patent prosecution definition. The Patent Prosecution is the formal and promotional interaction between an applicant or his representative and the officials of the concerned patent office, over the matter of a patent application or any patented invention. This patent prosecution is considered as a significant ancillary process for acquiring the most desirable rights out of the patent registration, in a lesser period of time. Hence, patent prosecution is inevitably rendered by most of the patent attorneys, in cases of almost all types of inventions and patents in diverse economic sectors. Here, it is important to mention that, the task of patent prosecution can broadly be classified into the categories of Pre-Grant patent prosecution, and the Post-Grant patent prosecution. Both of these categories of the patent prosecution are described below in details. Again, it may be also noted that, the patent prosecution is different from the patent litigation, which exclusively deals with cases of patent infringements. Our vastly experienced law firm with worldwide repute provides services for patent prosecution at domestic and international jurisdictions.

Patent Prosecution Process

The pre-grant patent prosecution process is performed for making discussions and negotiations with the patent office, regarding obtaining grant of a patent by registering the invention forwarded to. On the other hand, the post-grant patent prosecution is for post-grant amendments or patent opposition. In the cases of pre-grant prosecution, the patent prosecution process starts with filing of the patent application. Generally, the rules and regulations regarding patent prosecution are given in the manuals of the patent offices. Our well-informed and seasoned patent attorneys provide services for both these types of patent prosecution, in India and other countries of the world. The international patent offices where they have prosecuted inventions and patents successfully and proficiently are the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), The European Patent Office (EPO), and the World Trade organization (WTO). For patents under the Berne or Paris Convention, our patent prosecution services have also been provided.