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Copyright Filing

The copyright office filing fees in India, are very reasonable, and nominal, to say the least. It is in spite of the grand fact that the Indian Copyright Act, 1957, is in close agreement and conformity with most of the globally recognized and reputed copyright regulations. However, the copyright filing fees do vary depending upon the type, nature, and purpose of the works to be copyright. These copyright filing fees in India range from mere Rs.50/- per work to Rs.600/- per creation. Again, for getting the license for republishing, the charges vary accordingly from Rs.200/- per work to Rs.600/- per work. Here, it deserves to be noted that the various categories of matters and materials that can be copyright are literary, musical, artistic, photographic, cinematographic, and sculptural works and creations. On the other hand, for other items of the intellectual property, such as trademarks and patents, the registration fees are different and more than the copyright filing fees. For registration of a simple trademark, the registration fees are about Rs.3000/-. The fees for patent registrations are more than these all. Our internationally distinguished and popular law firm with headquarters in India has been helping people and entities belonging to India and abroad, in making their respective intellectual property registrations in India.

Copyright Filing in India

For prompt and secure copyright registration, the section 9 of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957, proposes establishment of copyright offices in some well-connected locations throughout the country. Therefore, in strict compliance to this, there are established copyright offices in New Delhi, and other zonal centers in India. Today, besides the copyright filing facilities by hand and by post, brisk online filing facility is also available with all copyright offices in India. The requisite copyright application forms can readily be downloaded from the official website of the concerned copyright office. Any copyright application (Form 4) is required to be sent in triplet. Again, for each and every work of new creation, the applicant has to submit a separate copyright application. The prescribed registration fees are to be paid through Postal Orders or Demand Draft (DD) in the name of the Registrar of Copyrights. The details regarding registration fees applicable may be obtained from the website of the Copyright Office, New Delhi. Our law firm undertakes and supports all above specified categories of new creations and works for proper and punctual registration for people and entities established in every region of India. Owing to our dedicated and perfect legal services, we are renowned nationwide for copyright filing india.