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Privacy Policy

Being dealing in corporate sector we ensure to follow the policy of secrecy while handling the legal complexities of varied business houses. We do not allow our terms and conditions to share any of the client's business information to open world. Here, we are strict and clear about our privacy policy where we assure not to open any of the personal and business information of varied clients to corporate world. Here, you exactly in safe hand so be fine while sending your business law requisites where our experts will assist you with best possible services.

Just go through the below mentioned points where we have discussed some worthy about privacy policy.
  • All the storage and personal information stated to our register user are not liable to be shared with any of the third party.
  • You can customize and monitor your personal information by using username details send by us.
  • We will use your mentioned contact details for sending any of the legal documents.
  • Our secrecy policy is on the top while dealing with any of the client where we are not allowed our attorney to share any of the business information of our client with any of the third party.
  • On subscribing, we will share you with all updates and latest information about patent trademark registration acts and rules.
  • We always follow the rule of privacy; not to share any client's information.
  • We can use any of the client's information for further our business promotion activities.
  • We can use any of the client's information while resolving any of the legal matter even asked by any of the third party user.
  • We reserve all the right to modify these privacy policies at any time where we will send an intimation of the same at your register contact details.