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Patent Renewal

Patent renewal is a process to get your creative and innovative business ideas to restore again in order to serve the mass you target. As per the global records about 1.4 million applications submit for patent renewal every year. All this depicts the needs and requirements for the renewal of varied patents. Different countries usually follow the different rules for patent renewal where the patentee needs to submit fees along with an application for patent renewal at the patent office. In most of the countries, the fees for patent renewal need to submit every year which gets expire on every consecutive year from the date of grant of patent. Well, if one fails to pay patent renewal fees within the desire period will lost every control over the respective patent. Therefore, it is essential to get pay out your patent renewal payment within the define period.

Here at patenttrademarkregistration, we bring you with the detail services in patent renewal where our patent experts and other corporate business executives guide on the varied facts of patent renewal services. Here at below we define the complete process of how to renew a patent along with clear depiction about the steps and procedures for the patent renewal in India.

Patent Renewal Services in India

The beneficiaries of our patent renewal services in India are a huge number of entrepreneurs, institutions, companies, and multinational business conglomerates, established in every part of the country. Our legal organization is widely famous for superb and punctual patent renewal India, for patents in all various fields of commerce and profession sectors. As is mentioned above, the date of patent renewal in India, is counted from the date of registration of the patent, and not the date of filing the patent application. In compliance to the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, India has made the term of the patent valid for twenty years from this date, since the year 2005. On behalf of ours these clients we perform the task of patent renewal scrupulously under the categories of both one-time advance payment, and yearly basis. The first annual patent renewal fees will be due at the expiration of the second year from the date of grant of the patent. Thereafter, every annual patent renewal fee will be paid at the expiration of every successive year from this specified date. In certain aberrant cases, a grace period of six months, is provided to the patentees regarding payment of renewal fees, after the due patent renewal date, along with some penalty fees.