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Business Registration

Proper Business Registration is the fundamental and essential work for doing business in any field, anywhere. The generic term given to the task or process of making one's business registered with governmental authorities under the Company Act or Law of the concerned country, is the business registration or the company registration. Such registration of a business or company offers the company or business-owner nationwide accreditation and recognition, and certain legitimate rights and exemptions for doing business well and peacefully. Our well-established law firm has been providing support for business registrations in countries all around the globe, including India, for an enriching period of over a decade. In the latter section of this article, given is productive and enlightening information about how to register a business, and make the online business registration anywhere in India. These procedures for business registration are equally applicable to most of the countries, with slight variance.

How to Register a Business Name Online

For company formation and business registration, the law to be complied with in India, is the Companies Act, 1956. For company registration, there are situated the offices of the Registrars of Companies in all major States and Union Territories in every region of the country. Besides regulating and controlling business registrations for people and entities belonging to one's own State, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in any major and developed State may be entitled to undertake also the business registrations proposed by people and entities of the surrounding small States or UT. All types of companies, namely, the limited companies, unlimited companies, LLPs, Sole Proprietorships, joint ventures, and establishments of foreign companies and investors, etc., in any field of the commerce, industry, profession, and service sectors, are well-facilitated to be established in India, in the desired region. In order to register a business name, at least four desired names for the proposed business or company, are to be sent to the concerned ROC for approval. After approval of business name, the applicant is given the specified period of time (generally six months) for filing MOA and AOA (along with all other necessary documents), for making company registration. Our expert and well-experienced company attorneys and lawyers support individuals and companies well-rounded, and all along the business registration process.