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Patent Law

The Patent Law in any country is the significant legal legislation that deals exclusively with new inventions and patented inventions in all across the country. It is the patent law that provides information and guidance over the drafting, filing, registration, prosecution, and protection of all types of new inventions and patents in diverse economic sectors within the given country. Apart from the domestic or national patent law in each country, there are patent laws and regulations that regulate and protect inventions and patents in international arena. Such international patent laws and regulations are promoted and supervised by conventions and treaties like TRIPS Agreement of WTO, PCT of the WIPO, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention (EPC). These international patent treaties and conventions are pre-requisite for full-fledged, free, and secured worldwide businesses. The patent law firms provides the complete range of services regarding these domestic and international patent laws, on behalf of people, companies, and other entities belonging to countries all around the world. Ours globally prominent law firm is distinguished one in the select list of patent law firms available in the world today, with services worldwide.

Top Patent Law Firms in India

Providing visionary and committed legal services regarding the patent law in India, is our cherished ambition. In India, the national patent law is represented by the Patents Act, 1970, amendments in which have been made regularly; to render it consistent with the above specified international patent laws and regulations. Under this Indian Patent Act, and the patents Rules of 1972, our law firm based in India has been providing the comprehensive gamut of legal services regarding patents and other items of the intellectual property in places all across the entire country for over a decade. These facts and services render us as one of the top patent law firms in India, which provide nationwide service coverage. Here, it may be specified that our innovative law firm also offers services for diverse other areas of the law in India and abroad. We have a large and ornate team of expert international patent attorneys and well-experienced patent lawyers, and discerning IP attorneys and lawyers. Our patent law services cover almost all diverse areas of business, commerce, industry, and profession.