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Trademark Logo Registration

Trademark logo registration is the most important task of every business entrepreneur after forming a business organization or an enterprise. Trademark logo is the brand name of an organization which needs to be protected in order to raise its goodwill among potential customers. Trademark has many forms like a trademark may be just a sign, word, phrase or symbol or combination of these which speaks about lot about an enterprise and its business to the whole world. Registering a trademark needs various steps and one should follow as per the act in order to get one's trademark registered. Trademark Registration Act, 1999 in India has defined the rules and regulations for trademark logo registration for goods and services industries. When it comes to register a trademark, one needs to take the help of a trademark attorney or trademark lawyer in order to make it easy and simple because of his or her qualification and experience.

Process To Register A Trademark Logo

Trademark logo registration is a process as per the trademark registration act, 1999 and the revised trademark registration act, 2003 in India. Every organization including small and big those want to keep their brand value intact and high needs to register a trademark with the trademark registry in India. Trademark logo registration includes various steps ranging from trademark application, trademark search, trademark infringement and trademark litigation. An application form with mentioning all details about one's business and invention should be applied to the registry of the trademark registration office. Trademark search is also as important as one should know the availability of the proposed trademark logo before registration in order to avoid trademark infringement or illegal use of trademark logo without the consent of the real owner. Therefore, one should follow the process of trademark logo registration completely as per the advice of trademark attorney or lawyer of a country. Global Jurix, a reputed law firm in India has been providing all trademark logo registration services as per clients demand.