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Copyright Application

Copyright Application is the action or process of filing a copyright application for approval and registration, with the concerned copyright authorities at domestic or international level. The copyright application process and procedure, however, vary from country to country and from domestic to international authorities. The copyright application fees also differ accordingly, and are also influenced significantly by the type and nature of the creation. Our well-established law firm is prominent and popular for its complete gamut of impeccable legal services to the commerce and profession sectors, in India and other countries abroad. As far as copyrights are concerned, we offer services for copyright application, copyright prosecution, international copyright protection, and copyright infringement litigation. Our services regarding copyright application process in india are described in the section below, exclusively. The international copyright conventions and regulations under which we have been providing copyright application and registration services are the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC), Berne and Paris Convention, Rome Convention, and the TRIPS Agreement of the World Trade Organization.

Copyright Application Process in India

All copyright applications in India are processed and regulated by the Copyright Act, 1957 of the Central Government of India. For this purpose there are established zonal copyright offices in every region of India, as is prescribed by section 9 of this Indian Copyright Act. This copyright act is in close agreement with most of the globally recognized copyright conventions and regulations mentioned above. Hence, the copyright application process in india is of world-class and standard one. Since September 2009, the online facility for copyright filing and application has also been started, to make the entire copyright application and filing process rather easy and convenient. Application by hand or by post, is practiced traditionally, besides the online application facilities. After filing the online copyright application, the applicant can send other requisite documents, matters, and enclosures by post. However, for filing copyright application, support of experienced and expert legal professional is hugely beneficial. Our reputed law firm based in India provides copyright application services for all various types and categories of new creations and inventions in almost all fields of profession, industry, and commerce.