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Shop Act Registration

The Shops and Establishments Act (SEA), is one of the essential and significant legislations of the State Governments in all across India. Every State of India has its own Shops and Establishments Act, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of people and entities under its jurisdiction, especially in the unorganized sector. This shop act registration gives the applicants recognition and protection to their respective businesses within the State jurisdictions. This shop act applies to all small and large Shops, Retail Stores and Outlets, small-scale Industries, Restaurants, Hotels, Theatres, and other commercial, vocational, and professional establishments in diverse fields of commerce and profession. Perfect and economical services for shop act registration in all across India, are ancillary part of our all-encompassing legal services to all economic sectors in India and abroad. Here, it is noteworthy that the shop act demands proper and punctual registration under it, within 30 days from the start of business. Today, online registration facilities are also available for shop act registration, which is utilized essentially by us. In the section furnished below, described is the entire shop act registration procedure commonly followed in India.

Shop Act Registration Procedure

In any State of India, for registration under its Shops and Establishments Act, a well-drafted application is to be made to any of the registry authorities prescribed by it. Entrepreneurs, small-scale industries, shop owners, businessmen, and owners of various other catering, commercial, and entertainment establishments, can avail quite promptly and economically our services for shop act registration in any part of India. For them we also provide patent trademark registration services, and diverse other legal services. In most of the States of India, the documents required for proper shop act registration are the following:

  • All Governing and Regulating Documents of the Entity
  • Name and Rubber Stamp of the company
  • Address Proof and Electricity Bill of the Place of Business
  • Rent Agreement, in case of rented premise
  • Bank Account Number and PAN Card of the Business Owner