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Patent Registration in India

Creative new inventions in various fields of business, industry, and profession, are made secured and well-protected by our worldwide connected law firm which is well-established in India. Not only the patent registration in india and abroad, but registration of all other intellectual property, is also undertaken and performed by our dedicated and discerning legal professionals. Our patent registration services india, are popular and admired by people and corporations in every part of the country, because of being responsible, unique, and economical. Our expert and variedly experienced patent attorneys are well-versed in drafting patent applications in the most elegant and perfect way, so as to make the precious invention truly magnificent. The following section gives the complete information about how to register a patent in india, irrespective of the place or economic field. The patent registration in india is regulated and controlled by the Patents Act, 1970, and the Patents Rules of 1972, and is in consistency with most of the globally accredited patent regulations.

How to Register a Patent in India

We provide the full gamut of services to individuals, companies, and institutions for patent registration in india. These services include discerning support for finalization of the new invention, patent search to check originality and patentability, preparing well-drafted patent application, filing the application with the concerned patent office, prosecuting for perfect and quicker registration, and many other services for patent protection. To register a patent in india, there are well-established zonal patent offices in the cities of Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai. But, as an invention is highly sensitive, and requires expert technical and legal knowledge, rigorous and meticulous service of a well-experience patent attorney becomes inevitable, for the best possible outcome. Each of these zonal patent offices, regulate patent registrations pertaining to people and companies established in all adjacent and closely surrounding States and Union Territories in the region. Besides the traditional facilities for application filing, the brisk online facilities are also available today.