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PCT Filing

PCT filing works on an international level to bring you patent on the mark. PCT is basically for those patentees who really need to launch their creative and artistical work at an international level. PCT - Patent Cooperation Treaty which is controlled and operated by WIPO always keen to safe the interest of patentee while bringing their creations under the safe mode. There are about 123 countries that support to WIPO where you can launch your patent safely while submitting one application for patent registration in any of these jurisdictions.

Here at patenttrademarkregistration, we bring you with the team of patent experts and legal attorneys that make your every requisite regarding patent filing services in an accurate and appropriate manner.

PCT Filing Process

Filing pct application and prosecuting for the same in countries parties to patent cooperation treaty (PCT) are supported well-rounded by our globally prominent law firm. Individuals, companies, industries, institutions, and organizations in various fields of commerce and profession belonging to India and other countries of all around the world, can very economically avail our services regarding pct filing. Only a single patent application is to be filed at the Receiving Office (RO) for getting patent protection in one or more countries which are parties to PCT. After the receipt of filed patent application, a comprehensive and critical patent search is carried out by PCT Authorities for forwarding a written statement about acceptability and patentability of proposed invention. Generally, such patent search is conducted by the International Searching Authority (ISA) or International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA). After this phase, the filed pct application enters into the regional or national phases for further examination and verification in the respective countries, where recognition and protection to the invention is desired. Generally, about 30 months after the filing of a pct application at RO, the petition enters this national or regional phase. Our services for pct filing support and guide our clients at junctures all along this entire process.

PCT Filing Services