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Legal powers and rights to register the process of creative product come under copyright. Any type of work including literacy, architecture design, arts and crafts, painting, computer software, graphic work, songs, movies and many more. Copyright will protect against the integrity and the procedure of creation. Patent do not aloe to uphold the final product or resulted innovation; that can be invested with different schemes and processes. Here under copyright in India, the section reserves the rights of original, formatted, creative activities. The purpose of copyright is to encourage the creation, ensuring that those who devote themselves to the possibility to make this viable economic activity, even profitable, and enable the dissemination of creation in the public by involving creators.

How to File a Copyright

Copyright is one of the powerful tools of IP rights that set to protect once creative ideas and innovative business plans. Likewise to patent and trademark; file a copyright application need to submit all the require data and legal formalities to the concern authority. Here, copyright owner expect to file an application for registration where the application is further pass to examination and publication while checking for any opposition. Under the same head, one needs to mention all the detail procedure and factors of copyright process. After granting of copyright powers, the owner can transfer partial of rights to other person on an agreed manner. Thus, these powers and rights in respect of copyright will bring you with how best you can employ your copyright product.

Here, under the roof of patenttrademarkregistration, we comprises of top management team of IPR where you will find spectrum of IP services including copyright sections. Under this segment of copyright we provide you with copyright registration, how to file a copyright application, copyright prosecution and many more. Any of the legal requisites in respect of copyright can be fulfilled by our trained IP attorneys.