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Patent Search in India

Patent is a types of creative innovation being utilized as a part of commerce while employing in the corporate world. There are several rules and guidelines that have stated with patent in terms of how best one can make use of powers and rights while promoting his or her intellectual property. These laws also serve you with protection of patent from third party to reproduce it, misuse it, and sell it or any other commercial exploitation.

The below researches or innovative ideas can be patented:
  • The Inventions
  • Utility models
  • The ornamental designs
  • The new plant varieties
  • The topographies of semiconductor product.

The type or form of patent has varied rules and regulations from legal point of view. The right to file an application for patent lying under the invention or the model or its successors in terms of when and where to file a patent. Besides these, patent can also be reproduced but under some certain conditions that you can find under these patent acts.

Under the same patent acts, patent search is another concept through which one can search the status of patent whether to accept or reject by the concern authority. When you file an application for patent, you will grant with patent number. This number can be used further during the phase of examination and publication in order to check patent's status in respect of its successful registration.

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