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Trademark Opposition

After the examination of trademark application, the respective trademark has been kept under the trademark journal for one month. During the same period, any of the third parties can submit an application of opposition. As we know, all the terms of goodwill and reputation of the business have depended upon the nature of trademark. Thus, none of the business owner wants to get destroy all of his goodwill by the registration of similar trademarks, where the opposition has played a vital role in catering the needs of obstructing the violation of illegal world. After the examiner satisfying with examination of trademark application has been put for one month in case of any opposition. This is the most essential period for third party to stop against any of the infringement or copied act.

In case of any allegation and obstructing hindrance by any of the third party will result in barrier in trademark registration. Therefore, if there is any of the trademark opposition, then it is complied duty of its owner to file the application in respect of receipt of opposition. If he or she fails to file an application against opposition then their trademark would dismissed. Then there is no chance or way to get further registration of same trademark.

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