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Trademark Examination

In the whole of trademark registration, the first step is to search your business mark, then follow the process of application where one need to file all the require details about the business mark. After filing the application, now it is turn to have examination by the concern authority to check whether you have submitted correct information or not. It is the same stage where your past search would work while examining the unique and distinct trademark. In India it almost takes six to seven months from the date of filing an application. It is one of the most crucial and important phase of trademark registration where one can get approval or rejection as on the basis of filed application.

After getting a report in respect of trademark examination, one needs to file the reply within the one month. Any delay while replying the examination report will make an abandonment of the application. Thus, it is very essential to keep eyes on the date of receipt of trademark examination report and date of filing the reply. Any delay or postpone of replying the examination receipt will obstruct your trademark registration. If in case it gets rejected then a candidate needs to file again with all corrections. It is very tedious and technical job where trademark experts would need to put their services.

Besides these, if the application gets approval, then, examiner would keep it in trademark journal for four months, from thereafter assign for registration if in case not get oppose. Thus, here at patenttrademarkregistration would bring you with details services in reply to receipt of trademark examination in order to get successful registration. Therefore, just call us at 8800100281 where our trademark experts would make you easy with best services.