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Pre Grant Opposition

Opposition means the violating of infringement or any of the misuse case. Patent as we all now is among the powerful tool to protect your unique business ideas. If there is some infringement act done by any of the third party, the patent owner can file an opposition before the grant or after the grant of respective patent. There are two types of patent opposition, pre grant opposition and post grant opposition. Both are for violating the concept of infringement.

Under pre grant opposition, patentee can file an application for opposition before the grant of patent. This application is filed in favor of Indian patent office. The time period for filing an application is six months from the date of patent publication or before the grant of patent registration whichever exists later. This phase of pre grant opposition is held after the patent application gets examined. On receiving the application of opposition, the controller of patent issued the notice of patent opposition to the patentee whereas on other hand the same patentee needs to submit evidence in adverse of opposition notice within the three months of finding notice. Well, it's legal duty of patent controller to close the patent opposition application within the one month while resolving the issue either by rejecting the patent application or by granting the patent registration.

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