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Patent Opposition

Apart from pre grant opposition, there is another option to violate the act of infringement while opposing the grant of patent through the post grant patent opposition. This is one of the most demandable and high favorable segment of patent opposition that can be come into effect even after granting of patent to the patentee. Post grant patent opposition is filed under Patent Act 1970 under section 25 (2). In patent opposition, there are three board of members who control all the applications of opposition. These members are well versed and effective with every acts of post grant patent opposition. They resolve all types of patent opposition matters on each ground of opposition.

Under the post grant patent opposition, there is only 10 days in the hand of patentee to put advices in adverse of opposition notice. After hiring process, the controller immediate put the case into effective while informing the parties about the rejection or granting of the respective patent application. Amending, revoking or maintaining of patent too resolves by the controller itself.

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