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PCT Filing UK

Worldwide eminent and popular for performing patent filings under the Patent Cooperation Treaty of the WIPO, ours prestigious and responsible law firm essentially provides impeccable services for pct application filing in uk. Ours swift services regarding pct patent filing uk, can be broadly divided into two main categories. In the first category, we extend services for pct filings at the Receiving Office under PCT, on behalf of people and entities belonging to the United Kingdom, for recognizing their new inventions in various economic fields. In the second category, ours internationally acclaimed patent attorneys render services for the pct patents of all foreigners and foreign entities, for acquiring patent registration in UK during the national phase of pct filing. Ours these all services regarding pct filing uk, are described separately in details in the lower section, along with the pct filing procedure in uk. Ours innovative law firm has been a prominent service provider to entities and investors in all economic sectors, in connection with all diverse legal practice areas, inevitably including the intellectual property law and rights at domestic and international jurisdictions worldwide.

PCT Filing Services in UK

For acquiring patent registration under the patent cooperation treaty of WIPO, ours discerning patent attorneys provide the full-gamut of legal and supporting services to inventors and entities established in the United Kingdom in all economic fields. These services range from the creation of an invention and scrupulous originality and infringement checks to drafting the patent specification, filing the patent application, and prosecuting it for the best and brisk registration under PCT. In the second category of ours pct filing uk services, our services in UK starts after about thirty months from the date of pct application filing with the receiving office. Besides submitting the demanded additional documents by the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, we rigorously and expertly offer effective prosecution at this UK IPO for right and swift registration of the pct patents of inventors and entities belonging to UK and all foreign countries. Ours all services in relation with the pct patents in UK and all other countries of the world, are known and reputed for well-informed and visionary approach, ingenious and elegant handling, cost-effectiveness, punctilious and dedicated legal support, and obvious reliability and reputation.

PCT Filing Services