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PCT Filing Timeline

As the patent cooperation treaty (PCT) is of global importance and utility, there are myriads of pct applications belonging to people and entities established in the world over (especially its member countries) being filed every year under PCT. The pct authorities have to examine and approve the filed patent application expeditiously, which takes genuine and sufficient time period. Again, there are two main phases involved in the case of pct applications, the pct filing phase at the receiving office, and the national phase in the targeted country, party to this globally recognized patent treaty. Hence, the pct application timeline can vary from three to five years, depending upon the speed of patent application processing in the targeted member country. The section given below offers full and discerning information about the pct application procedure, and the pct patent filing timeline, along with ours well-informed and proficient services for pct applications on behalf of entities of the world over. Our reputed law firm has been one of the prestigious and prominent service providers in India and the world, to people and diverse entities located in nations all around the entire world, with full-gamut of legal services pertaining to all areas of the legal practice.

Patent Application Timeline

For patent registration and recognition under the pct which is operated by WIPO, only a single patent application is to be filed at the receiving office (RO), for acquiring patent protection in one or more countries parties to this international patent treaty. At present, there are about 150 countries as parties to this magnificent patent treaty of the world. After receipt of the filed patent application, the pct authorities perform the task of patent search and examination of the filed invention, in order to issue a written statement about the originality, perfection, and patentability of the invention. The scrupulous and reliable task of patent search is carried out either by the international searching authority or the international preliminary examining authority. All these processes take generally about thirty months. Then, the filed patent application is forwarded to the desired member country for further independent investigations and approval as per the domestic patent rules and regulations. The total pct filing timeline can be considerably reduced if proper and rigorous patent prosecution for prompt registration is made at the domestic level or in the national phase. Ours globally acclaimed patent attorneys provide punctilious and punctual services for pct applications during both these main and significant phases.

PCT Filing Services