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PCT Filing Requirements

As PCT is one of the globally recognized patent treaties, the pct filing requirements are quite standardized and strict ones. The pct filing is a unified and elegant procedure for achieving patent registration in one or more countries parties to this pct. After scrupulous examination of the filed patent application the pct authorities forward the approved patent application to the desired country for further investigations and examination in accordance with the respective domestic patent rules and regulations. In general, about thirty months are taken by processing and examination of the filed invention by the pct authorities, and thereafter, the same is extended to the national phase. Our well-resourced law firm is one of the globally reputed service providers in the whole world to diverse entities in all economic sectors in countries all around the entire world. Brisk and punctilious pct filing services for benefits to these people and entities are significant among ours all legal and supporting services to them. The main pct filing requirements in general, are the following:

  • Name, Address, Particulars, and Nationality of both the Inventors and Applicant
  • Complete Patent Specification in English (well-furnished with Title of the invention, lucid descriptions, claims, drawings, and an abstract summary of the invention)
  • Prescribed PCT Filing Fees
  • Priority Documents
  • Assignment Deed or Proof of right by the inventor in writing, in favor of the Applicant
  • Power of Authority in favor of the Patent Attorney or Agent

PCT Filing Requirements India

In this section, provided is detailed information about the pct filing india, and the various pct filing requirements india, when the pct application which had been filed at the receiving office, enters the national phase. Such patent applications are recognized as Indian Pct Applications, and bear the respective dates of international patent filing at the RO. The granting of patent rights to such an invention is counted from the date of its international filing at RO, and is for duration of twenty years. At this juncture, the pct filing requirements in India are all above mentioned documents, and the following additional documents:

  • Written Report of the PCT Authorities
  • Patent Search Report of the International Searching Authority (ISA) or other Agency
  • Patent Filing Fees Applicable in India
  • Report about processing of the same patent application in other countries
  • And, other demanded documents, in any.

On receipt of the pct application, the Controller of Patents in India, forward the same to patent examiners within one month. The examiner has a maximum of three months to report to the Controller regarding the status and patentability of the filed application. After being satisfied the controller of patents published the approved invention in its official gazette to entertain any opposition. After six months in publication the invention is then gets registered if no patent opposition is raised during this period.

PCT Filing Services