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Patent Search

Our worldwide well-known law firm provides comprehensive and scrupulous patent search services, to people and companies belonging to countries all around the world, including India. Besides the domestic patent search in these countries, the international patent searches are also performed well and expertly by our hugely experienced patent attorneys and lawyers. Our rigorous and reasonably-charged services for patent search online are described exclusively in the section furnished below. The patent search is advisable for ensuring the originality, uniqueness, and patentability of any new invention within the specified country, or in international jurisdictions. Such patent searches help additionally the inventor in averting the chances of infringements upon the registered inventions of other companies or institutions, especially in the same field of business or profession. All-round support of an expert patent attorney is indispensable, to advice over the technical, commercial, industrial, and legal aspects of the invention, to make the invention optimally productive and profitable.

Online Patent Search Services

Only an experienced patent attorney of international stature and repute knows how to search a patent expeditiously and flawlessly, among the inventions and patents at international and regional levels. To search a patent he has to go meticulously through all applied patent applications for registration, and all registered inventions, under each and every major patent office at domestic or international level, depending upon the requirements. Our international patent searches are readily available for inventions and patents concerned with the World Trade organization (WTO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (wipo patent search), the European Patent Office (EPO), and the Berne and Paris Convention. Our these international patent search services are provided in addition to the domestic patent search services in countries all across the world, essentially including India. Our scrupulous patent search services are related with all fields of the commercial, industrial, professional, and technical sectors.