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Patent Registration in Sikkim

The invention for which you intend to apply for a patent must be not only a technical solution to a technical problem, but must also be new, involve an inventive step and be capable of industrial application. The invention must be new, that is to say, it should not be an innovation that has already been made available to the public, regardless of the author, date, place, means and the form of the presentation to the public. Check the novelty of an invention before filing does not constitute a legal obligation.

As per section 3 and 4 of patent act 1970 in India there are certain segments which are allowed to get registration under patent and which are not be able to register under patent including that
  1. Are inventions which are new, involve an inventive and capable of industrial application.
  2. Are not regarded as inventions within the meaning of the first paragraph of this Article:
    1. Discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods;
    2. Aesthetic creations;
    3. Schemes, rules and methods for performing of mental acts, playing games or in the field of economic activities, and programs for computers;
    4. Presentations of information.

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If you want to patent registration in indian states, please go through the below table:
Patent Registration in Indian States
If you want to patent registration in major cities of India, please go through the below table:
Patent Registration in Major Cities