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Patent Registration in Kolkata

Patent is only way to protect to your invention from being getting exploited. As with rising cases of maltreat and misuse of inventions; this approach of patent registration has played a vital role in protecting the intentions from any of the illicit tasks. A patent certifies that a patentable invention, the priority attribute and the exclusive right of the patent on the invention. Without patent; invention cannot be protected legally, can only be kept secret. Without patent one cannot expect anything from legal wise in case of any infringement.

Patent can be registered at national and international level. If you want to register at the international level then you need to file an application in respective patent office of target country or file an application with WTO and other respective patent office across the world. It is mandatory for one to get registration of invention before any public disclosure. With registration one can reap the complete legal benefits.

Here we comprised of long team of IPR solicitors and patent attorneys that guide you and assist in all aspects of patent registration in Kolkata. We are expert in patent search where we check whether the proposed invention can be patentable or not; we are specialized in filing an application where we prepare and submit all the legal documents to the concern patent authority including patent drafting. Our IPR team is well versed about how to draft a patent as per the patent act 1970 norms. Besides these; in case of objection or rejection by the concern authority we do necessary rectification and finally apply for the certification of the patent registration in Kolkata. Apart from these; here with us you will also find other segments of IPR including trademark, copyright and industrial design registration.

If you want to patent registration in indian states, please go through the below table:
Patent Registration in Indian States
If you want to patent registration in major cities of India, please go through the below table:
Patent Registration in Major Cities