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Patent Registration in Jammu and Kashmir

Ideas, inventions, concepts, intellectual works and discoveries belong legally to the so-called intellectual property, so are things that cannot be seen directly or even touch them. These goods are not generally protected by law, but only if the legal system of a person assigns appropriate rights, e.g. by patent, utility model, registered design, trademark or copyright. Owner of such a right is, for example, an applicant for a patent or the creator of a copyright work. The intellectual property is not the same as the property law property. Similar to the Real Property, however, is a so-called exclusive right which allows the owner to decide on the use of the protected Guts. The intellectual property is divided into the areas of "Intellectual Property Law" and "Copyright".

Here we as a legal firm offering a majestic segment of patent registration in Jammu and Kashmir. With the worthy contribution by our expertise team of Intellectual Property Rights we able to commit quality services to our IPR clients. We have long list of companies, entrepreneurs, corporate groups and private business personnel to whom we have served with exceptional services in patent registration in Jammu and Kashmir.

Before applying for patent registration in Jammu and Kashmir below are the segments that must be adhere with:
  • Do check with novelty of the proposed patent; should be unique and must be in the state of art to be offered to the public in return of award in any form.
  • Inventive activity; for a person skilled in the art it must not be so obvious from the state of the technique similar to others;
  • The industrial application; the invention must be able to be the subject of manufacture and use in industrial and it should be out off any public issues and contrary to public policy.
Thus, if you are looking for patent registration services to register your unique invention in the state of Jammu and Kashmir then just call to us at +91-8800-100-281 or email at
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