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Patent Registration in Gujarat

A patent is a form of IPR that processes to protect the once unique innovations and artistic work. The act of patent registration will bring a set of powers and rights to its owner for having the best use of invented ideas. With the help of these powers one can transfer his or her patent rights to other person for the use of proposed patent.

Products which are based on law of nature, on already defined thesis of engineering information, scientific theories, animal or plants new breeds, human medication processes are not able to register under pact act 1970 in India. All those inventions in respect of further processing produced substances and able to enhance the industrial class can be register under the patent act 1970 in India. Here; we bring you with patent registration process in Gujarat where people from Gujarat who are looking to launch their invention over there need to apply for the patent registration in Gujarat.

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Here below are the steps for patent registration process in Gujarat.
  • The patent application is usually made on a pre-printed form. Besides; its own patent application must include a description of the invention, respectively; its drawings and the claims that accurately define the matter for which protection is sought.
  • Application forms are available at the Registry Office, where he served personally or by mail. The application may also be filed electronically with verified digital signature.
  • The Office shall examine each application for a preliminary survey. Its purpose is to exclude from the application of further proceedings, which contain objects clearly un-patentable inconsistent or containing defects that prevent their publication.
  • All deficiencies are communicated to the applicant by an official by notice of assessment. After 18 months from the priority date of the Office shall publish a publication of a notice in the Gazette.
If you want to patent registration in indian states, please go through the below table:
Patent Registration in Indian States
If you want to patent registration in major cities of India, please go through the below table:
Patent Registration in Major Cities