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Patent Publication

During the process of patent registration, it is the second phrase where the details and other legal documentaries have been saved under the custody of patent act of 1970 and Patents Rules 1972. This publication is held under the patent application not on issue of patent. The application in respect of patent registration; is firstly published in database of patent registry before passes to the mode of examination. After completing all the legal requisites regarding patent publication, the application is send for examination. It is the time when your patent gets recheck with past registry of patent office in order to clear with registration of unique and distinct patent.

While patent publication, the concern authority will make every point to its database till it get registered. The main role of publication is to forward the application further in order check the standard and attributes of your patent as per the guidelines of patent act of 1970 and Patents Rules 1972. After your application gets publish, it then passes for examination. But before examination, it is duty of the concern authority to put into its safe and gets check with all the legal formalities.

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