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Patent Act

The Patent Act, is the most important legislation regarding inventions and patents within the given jurisdiction. This patent act, therefore, can be either national patent act, or the international patent act. The patent act is legislated to govern, regulate, and control inventions and patents in various sectors of economy, within the specified jurisdictions. This illustration gives answer to the question, what is patent act, or patent law act. For example, the patent act in India, is the Patents Act, 1970. Every country has a certain patent act for these exclusive purposes. However, the patent act differs from country to country, to suit their specific requirements. There is a patent office (or offices) in each country to make compliance to the rules and regulations in the patent act, for proper security and protection of inventions made in diverse economic fields. But, now, owing to liberalization and globalization of business and trade, the patent acts in most of the countries are in conformity with some internationally standardized patent laws and regulations. These international patent acts and regulations are dealt with in the following section.

International Patent Act

We provide extensive and excellent services for domestic patent acts and international patent acts, in all across the world. At, present the most reputed and dominant international patent acts are governed and regulated by the TRIPS Agreement of the World Trade organization (WTO), Patent Cooperation Treaty which is operated by the World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO), the Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention (EPC). These globally recognized patent conventions and treaties have been supporting smooth, peaceful, and secured global businesses in all economic sectors. These international bodies provide recognition and protection to inventions in all countries which are parties to these treaties, in order to provide accreditation to diverse products in the international market. Besides these services for patent acts, our prestigious and globally prominent law firm extends services for other segments of the intellectual property, worldwide.