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Patent Registration in United Arab Emirates

Patent is a legal document that works to protect the inventions from being getting exploited. In today's corporate world where everyday new ideas and business processes are being emerged; these business tools have played a vital role in protecting the respective inventions by registering under the inventor's name. Patent is a legal process which is one of the integral parts of Intellectual Property Rights to make the invention protected from being misuse or maltreat.

Here, we introduce you with best team of IPR that is well expert in handling any of the case of patent registration in United Arab Emirates. Our team is comprised of highly experienced attorneys and solicitors who have complete knowledge how to file an application, how to conduct a patent search to check the novelty and how to submit evidence proof against the objection. All our attorneys and solicitors are certified member of different higher legal authorities that ensure our clients with perfect and precise services in patent in United Arab Emirates.

Below are the aspects that we cover while offering our patent registration process in United Arab Emirates.
  • Conducting patent search before approaching for patent registration.
  • After confirming about the novelty and originality of proposed invention we file an application for patent registration.
  • While filing an application we do submit all the require documents and also offer the best services in patent drafting.
  • We are best in submitting evidence proof in case of any objection.
  • We are expertise in handling any of the patent case at national and international level; as we are in the sane field from the last several decades.
  • Besides these; we are certified firm in offering the complete services in patent, trademark and copyright registration at national and globally.
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