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Patent Registration in Thailand

Every entrepreneur in this business world needs to make their patent portfolio on the top. The first and foremost mission of every business house is to get safe from any of the illegal acts. There are numerous segments where one can hurt to once business like copy of business process, misuse of marketing, infringement of unique invention and many more. To come over to all these risks of business exploitation; it is necessary to accompany all form of business laws.

Here under this section; we introduce you with the best of patent registration services in Thailand means we being as a legal firm offers the complete range of trademark and patent registration in Thailand where any form of firm new business house, middle scale industry or large corporate group can avail these patent registration services.

Our patent services involve the below points.
  • Patent search to confirm the originality and capability of the proposed invention whether it is capable to register as patent or not. There are varied categories which are not allowed to register under patent.
  • Filing an application for patent registration in Thailand to the concern authority.
  • Patent Drafting while following each and every aspect of patent act. We will make use of reliable diagrams, sketches and description to represent the proposed invention to the higher authority.
  • Tracking and reporting about the status of the application.
  • Design the strategy of the company's Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Assist with exact solution in respect of patent opposition where we appeal with reliable documentations.
  • Submission of documentation before any expiry.
Besides these; here with us you will also find other segments of corporate law including merger and acquisition, branding at international level, formation of company in other country, advice on forms of infringement at corporate and how to remain safe against the same and lots more you can avail through us.
Patent Registration in Different Countries