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Patent Registration in Sri Lanka

Whenever invention is being concerned; patent strikes to mind that grants a set of powers and rights in respect of same invention. A risk of infringement or misuse is always being there if invention has got disclosed to the public without registration. In today's fast moving world; where the cases of maltreat and illicit have been raised at the constant rate; this legal process of patent registration in Sri Lanka has played a vital role to come over with these business issues. With patent registration one can easily run his or her business without any risk of exploitation.

It is a great pride for us to be as one of the international recognized legal firms in India that is expert in patent search, patent renewal, patent protection, patent registration, patent watch and other segments of Intellectual Property Rights including trademark, copyright and other industrial design.

We are comprised of long team attorneys and solicitors who are the members of higher legal authorities and having huge experience in delivering the best services in Intellectual Property Rights and other business law services across the world. Our dedicated team is well versed with complete patent registration process in Sri Lanka where we serve our clients with the best of patent search in order to check the novelty and originality of the proposed invention and after conducting the search then we go with filing an application to the concern authority. During the same process, we also offer our client with the best of patent drafting where we apply all the rules as per the patent act. We are specialized in drafting the patent at national and international level. Thus, if you are from Sri Lanka and need to launch your proposed invention ten get contact to us where you will find the compete services in patent in Sri Lanka.

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