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Patent Registration in South Korea

Patent law refers to the alleged invention product, process or improvement of the proposed new technical solutions. Its characteristics are :-
  • First, is the invention of new technical solutions. Is the use of the laws of nature, production, research, experiments to solve in a variety of technology solutions to, the problem is usually composed by a series of technical features.
  • Secondly, the invention product and process of the invention, the invention is divided into two types. Product invention includes all elements of people, methods, use of the natural laws of the invention includes all inventions produced by this method creates.
  • Method of the invention and the preparation methods and operations may be divided into two types of use. In addition, the patent law, the invention can also protect an existing product or process improvements.

Patented inventions must have the novelty, inventiveness and practical applicability. Novelty is not published the same in the application prior to the date of the invention or utility model in national and international publications before, publicly in the country or in any manner known to the public, no identical invention or utility model of other to the patent administration department proposed application and recognized documents published after the filing date of the patent application. Creativity is the same technology that has before the date of application in comparison to the invention prominent substantive features and notable progress and that the utility model has substantive features and represents progress. Availability means that the invention can be made or used, and can achieve positive results.

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