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Patent Registration in Japan

Patent is a certified document granted to the inventor for his or her invention where he or she can use proposed invention in the corporate market without any risk of infringement or misuse. This legal document of patent is to certify the ownership of the invention in respect of patent law while granting the set of powers and rights to the inventor. A patent is granted by the State Patent Office of the author and / or his successor (the right to a service invention generally belong to the employer) on the application considered in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the State.

The volume of the exclusive rights of a patent is determined by the particular part of the text written with the observance of certain rules and requirements, and called by the patent, except patent formula contains narratives - a description and an abstract. While patents for inventions and utility models contain, if necessary, iconic part of the patent — drawings include photos or images made in photographic quality.

Scope of the rights of the patent for invention or utility model is defined independent claim, the amount of industrial design rights - set of images of industrial design with a list of features, as reflected in the images.

Exclusive right of the patent is very broad rights granted to the patentee and the state they are in the rights of possession, use and disposal of proprietary intellectual property. I.e. nobody has the right to use or reproduce or sell the patented invention, utility model or industrial design without the permission of the patent, including the exercise:
  • Into the territory of the Russian Federation,
  • Production,
  • Application
  • Offer for sale,
  • Sale,
  • Other introduction into civil circulation or storage for the purpose of the product, in which a patented invention, utility model, or products in a patented industrial design.
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