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Patent Registration in Tripura

Patent is a legal document states the rights and powers in respect of invention carried out by respective inventor. This legal document defines the rules that protect the proposed invention from being getting exploited. In this sever competitive corporate world, this IPR services in patent registration plays a vital role in getting over with emerging needs of legal business world. These rights and powers are available for unique innovation and research which are beneficial for industrial applications, further processing and involve an inventive step for further research.

The proposed inventions shall not be regarded discoveries, mathematical methods and scientific theories, schemes, aesthetic creations, new methods for performing mental acts, aesthetic rules and new methods of playing games or doing business and programs for computers and other invented administration information. For those inventions which are opposed to public order or any of the good morals are not register under patent act 1970 in India.

Any of the individual or legal people who owned unique innovations and research can file for patent registration in Tripura. But before filing an application it is mandatory to get re-check about the novelty and capability of the proposed invention whether to get registration under patent or not. After confirming with the capability, one can file an application.

The effect of the patent is set from the date of notification of the grant in the concern authority. The newsletter is published on a weekly basis only in electronic form, which is available on the website of the concern authority of Patent Office in India. Bulletins issued in paper form are available in the reading room of the Office of Intellectual Property. Patent provides legal protection for up to 20 years; this time defines the maximum period of protection. Thus, if you are planning for patent registration in Tripura you can contact us where you will find the complete patent registration process in Tripura at best competitive charges.

If you want to patent registration in indian states, please go through the below table:
Patent Registration in Indian States
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Patent Registration in Major Cities