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Patent Examination

The grant of patent rights and refusal are based on this phase of patent examination. It is the session where every mentioned point has been examined in respect of patent act of 1970 and Patents Rules 1972. Here, the examiner checks the application for relevancy. How much the application is relevant as per the standard of patent act is the main aim of this phase of patent examination. As with due time, numbers of modifications and amendation have been took place in the patent act. Therefore, it is always necessary to go with any of the top or legal expert of patent that should be well versed with latest rules and regulations.

Under this phase, the examiner goes with every point of application with deep search of novelty and inventive. While examination; unique and distinct is the major matter of concern. Well, it's a matter of once innovation and creativity so it carries with high priorities. After making all types of successful examination, the respective application will send for registration if in case there is no opposition. If there is any opposition then candidate pass through hiring process or need to submit prove in written.

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